Our address: township Berestovitsa, 231778, Lenina St., 10

Contact phones: +375 (1511) 7-49-57

About us

Berestovitsky Central Hospital delivers medical care for population more than 70 years.There are friendly highly skilled staff of specialists, paramedical workers and licensed practical nurses in hospital .

In 26 medical and diagnostic departments on 151 beds more than 50 doctors of 29 leading health professions.

In medical and diagnostic process the latest techniques and scientific development, more than 400 units of  essential medicines, effective medicines are used.

Within a year in hospital about 4 thousand patients with the complicated diagnoses take a necessary course of treatment (stationary) , from them more than 65 percent - people of rural areas. The district policlinic of hospital carries out over 170 thousand medical examinations of patients within a year.

The medical personnel of hospital have made about 1,3 thousand surgeries outpatiently and more than 300 in a hospital, about 16 thousand radiologic and photofluorographic investigations and more than 16 thousand ultrasonic investigations, 267 thousand laboratory analyses. Specialists of hospital regularly leave in rural establishments of the area where give highly skilled help for patients, give practical help for local health workers.

In policlinic function:

  • 4 therapeutic sites;
  • 3 pediatric sites;
  • surgical cabinet;
  • cabinets of specialists;
  • clinicodiagnostic laboratory;
  • department of radiodiagnosis (cabinet of ultrasonic investigations and radiological cabinet);
  • cabinet of functional diagnostics (electrocardiogram, renovasography, rheoencephalography, spirography);
  • physiotherapeutic, massage cabinets, therapeutic exercise hall, mechanotherapy;
  • department of prevention with the cabinet of pre-medical reception, cabinet of professional surveys;
  • cabinet of fibrogastroduodenoscopy;
  • procedural cabinet;
  • reception.